👓 A few notes on Medsec and St. Jude Medical | Matthew Green

Read A few notes on Medsec and St. Jude Medical by Matthew Green (A Few Thoughts on Cryptographic Engineering)
In Fall 2016 I was invited to come to Miami as part of a team that independently x0000_sjm_quadraassuramp20crt20dvalidated some alleged flaws in implantable cardiac devices manufactured by St. Jude Medical (now part of Abbott Labs). These flaws were discovered by a company called MedSec. The story got a lot of traction in the press at the time, primarily due to the fact that a hedge fund called Muddy Waters took a large short position on SJM stock as a result of these findings. SJM subsequently sued both parties for defamation. The FDA later issued a recall for many of the devices.

It’s amazing to read just how insecure some mission critical medical devices can be.

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