Consideration for Representation and/or Publication

If you would like to be considered for representation, please use the following general guidelines:

Actors: Preferably email a headshot/resume with a brief introduction.  Links to websites with additional information and video are always welcome.

Screenwriters/Authors: Unsolicited materials will be returned unread.  Please email a brief query with the following items to to have your longer work considered:

  • A one sentence logline of your script/novel/work.
  • A one paragraph description of your script/novel/work.
  • A one page synopsis of your script/novel/work.

These three items should be mutually exclusive and able to stand separately on their own without regard to each other.  I generally read them sequentially and stop when I become bored or uninterested. Those whose work is deemed to be of interest will be contacted to submit their entire works for further consideration.