Steven, I’m not a classicist by trade, but have a reasonable grounding in many of the surrounding topics and history. Though there may certainly be inaccuracies, I wish your review had pointed to those particulars in greater detail. Instead it seems you’re relying on additional other reviews while only making cosmetic aspersions. I’ll have to take a look at your references and the other reviews to judge more fully what is going on when I have some time. Thanks for compiling the alternate viewpoints though.

My short review took Greenblatt to task on some of the details he didn’t provide and which I find glaring. I suspect that if he does anything with his text, it’ll be to bring a spark of imagination to people who otherwise might not delve into the topic at the level of a masters or even Ph.D. thesis, but who might be encouraged to engage more closely with the humanities in the future. I suspect that this goal was fully realized based on the broader non-specialist reception his book has gotten.

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