I wish that pingbacks or trackbacks looked this good or worked from social silos like Facebook and Twitter!!!

What you’re seeing are mostly webmentions. Apologies that I still haven’t finished the UX/UI on them to facepile the likes and simple mentions from other areas of social media to make the actual conversation more readable/usable. What I’m ultimately trying to do is collect as much of the conversation about and interaction with my posts across the web here in one central location on my own site as I can instead of allowing it to be sadly fragmented in various silos where it’s harder to pay attention to everything and respond appropriately. There’s also the strong likelihood that these social sites won’t last forever and I’d like to keep a record of what was said in one location that I control. This particular post is more egregious than most because it was #1 on Hacker News for most of the day yesterday, so it drove vastly larger amounts of traffic than my poor little blog typically sees.

Thanks for your thoughts! Hopefully the UI will improve in the near future as I have time to build/implement it.