I originally made this compilation on May 31, 2016 to share with some friends and never got around to posting it. Now that I’m actually in the midst of a class on the topic, I thought I’d dust it off and finally publish it for those who are interested.
If you’re aware of things I’ve missed, or which have appeared since, please do let me know in the comments.
A List of video lectures for Algebraic Geometry

Harpreet Bedi (YouTube) 68 lectures (Note: His website also has some other good lectures on Galois Theory and Algebraic Topology)

Miles Reed(How to Download Miles Reid’s Algebraic Geometry videos)

Basic Algebraic Geometry: Varieties, Morphisms, Local Rings, Function Fields and Nonsingularity (NPTEL)

Algebraic geometry for physicists by Ugo Bruzzo
Lectures on Algebraic Geometry by L. Goettsche (ICTP)

2007/2008 Lectures
2008/2009 Lectures
2009/2010 Lectures
2010/2011 Lectures

Talks given at the AMS Summer Institute in Algebraic Geometry (2015)

Classical Algebraic Geometry Today (MSRI Workshop 2009)

Lectures by Harris, Hartshorne, Maclagan, and Beelen at ELGA2011

Some other places with additional (sometimes overlapping resources), particularly for more advanced/less introductory lectures:

Video Lectures for Algebraic Geometry (MathOverflow)

Sites to Learn Algebraic Geometry (MathOverflow)

Video lectures of Algebraic Geometry-Hartshorne-Shafarevich (MathOverflow)

Syndicated copies: