One of the best parts of Post Kinds as a concept is that it more easily allows for posts to have much greater fidelity for the microformats mark up on different types of posts and doesn’t require the author to worry or think about them. I particularly like that I can drop in a single URL and it creates a reply context for me automatically and marks it up automatically. Someone will hopefully come along and build the functionality that Post Kinds has into Gutenberg.

In general I think that while Gutenberg is alright, it’s incredibly over-engineered. It might be better if it were compatible with every CMS on the planet, but seems like a huge amount of infrastructure to create such a Swiss Army knife. I don’t mind the Classic Editor, but generally the vast majority of what I post on my site is done with a variety of Micropub clients through either web, mobile, or other app interfaces which dramatically lowers the bar for the amount of UI that I require to create a particular post. Some enterprising engineer will think about hosting a version of Gutenberg as a stand alone editor and turn it into a micropub client–then it will have some true power.

I’m sure you saw my post via IndieWeb News. It somehow was mistakenly re-posted there when I updated a broken link. Apologies for that, I wasn’t thinking about the syndication link when I updated it and didn’t expect IndieWeb News to move it back to the top of the queue.