Aaron, there is an upper limit of about 30 which is roughly documented here: https://indieweb.org/posts#Kinds_of_Posts. I’ve got reasonable support for about twenty at the moment, but don’t anticipate actively adding too many more. I think there are only about 10 that I use with reasonable frequency. Some I might experiment with once or twice, but if I don’t have a regular and direct need for them, I’m unlikely to use them or document them seriously.

I’m experimenting with the eat/drink posts for a bit to see what, if any, effect they have on my habits. We’ll see how long they last and how worthwhile (or not) they may be. I could certainly imagine people wanting/needing them as a benchmark for their health the way some might have exercise or workout related posts that they might track. Others in the quantified self movement may find these particular ones worthwhile as well.

I’m sure somewhere I even have a chicken post just for fun, but it’s probably not as built out as some and it’s certainly not something I post frequently enough to bother building infrastructure to support. For the rest, I don’t mind serving as the canary (or chicken) in the proverbial coal mine so you don’t need to.

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