@smokey The multiple domains “solution” is what I ultimately went with. I wanted a blog of commentary on politics and world affairs where I was free to rant and thump (I’m a centerist so I thump both the Right and the Left) but I didn’t want to bring bloody chunks of raw meat into MB. I value the community here at MB, the guinea pig photos, the level of discourse, the chat, the developer stuff: it didn’t seem right for me to drag my political rantings in here. It seemed to me that would be doing to MB what I didn’t like about Twitter and FB. And it’s all in or all out on MB, I couldn’t selectively post here. Another reason, which fits into what you are talking about Smokey, is that I didn’t want my “web presence”, my other domain, to get overrun by political stuff, that is just one part of me but you need to be careful where you place your lightning rods. 🙂 So, I split, a domain for Nice Boring Brad and a place for Evil Brad. And yet this approach still can be within the Indieweb movement, own your own domain(s), own your own content, syndicate elsewhere, you are free to merge the two if you want in the future, etc.