What an intriguing term Chris, ‘relatively religiously’. It reminds me of my question as to whether the IndieWeb is ‘ritualistic‘.
Personally, there were a few reasons I started my ‘Collect’ blog. One was wondering about what a ‘feed’ in a space like Micro.Blogs might actually look like. One of the things that I noticed early on was how clunky my titles looked with ‘Reply to’ etc at the start. I also had concerns about using the identical title of the post I was mentioning. I found emojis an efficient method to indicate what sort of interaction it was and that it was not my own post.
I still have concerns about emojis in urls. Although many with Micro.Blog sites have arcane urls due to the absence of a title, I like to use the title in the url. One of the catches I found early on was that this added the emoji. I subsequently paste the title in the slug when I copy it from the properties box. I would love to be able to strip this out automatically, but not sure I am at that stage yet.