Hey! Sorry just saw this.

As Aaron says – this was indeed inspired by Dave Winer’s Radio 3. I wanted to build something so simple that anyone and everyone could build their own RSS aggregator in public.

Unfortunately, RSS has lots of little edge cases and my coding knowledge is half-baked at best 🙂

So I ended up stitching together a series of things.

I put the feed URLs into a google doc
I have a google script using https://rss2json.com/ to fetch each feed every 10 mins or so
Those feeds are parsed back into the Google Doc
Then I use tabletop js https://github.com/jsoma/tabletop to display the google doc as a webpage.

I did have a conversation with Dave about porting River 5 to Glitch which I think is a far more robust and better solution for most people but I haven’t had a chance to port my set up over yet:


(Also, I know nothing about node and while my solution is all duct tape at least I know how each part works mostly….)