Stephen, I appreciate your thoughts on the siloed nature of Flipboard. I’m reticent to use it myself. I did notice that within minutes of setting it up it already had about 12 followers. I’m curious to see what the traffic looks like coming back from it. With any luck, it will help spread the good word.

I suspect you saw Aaron Davis’ question about how to syndicate data into it from one’s own website. Social Network Auto Poster (aka SNAP) will certainly allow this, but it’s not limited to just Flipboard. SNAP is a third party service which operates as a plugin to WordPress and supports 31 of the bigger/more popular social silos out there including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc. So if you’re looking for a service to automatically syndicate content from your WordPress site it’s probably one of the more thorough tools out there. They do require an annual subscription of about US$50 for access to their private API that covers a small handful of the services which don’t provide their own API like Instagram or Google+, but I believe in supporting software that I use on  a daily basis, and it’s far better and less time intensive than syndicating to many of them manually.

In any case, I’ve noticed you following some of my work recently. Thanks for the interest and for spreading the word. I’ve been a big fan/follower of your site for a long time.

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