First off, re: open sourcing—I’m driving toward that. I’m
in a private repo on Github right now. But, man. It’s unnerving to open
that kind of code when… it’s running live on my server. So I am trying
to find the security holes before releasing it.

I don’t have big plans for, but one thing I’m planning on adding
is a way to create a whitelisted sub. You basically can make a list of URLs
and those are the only URLs that can submit to the sub. Who knows, I might
use Vouch for this. I just want to use something that makes it effortless.
I wonder if this might be useful for quick collaboration. Name the sub,
link a bunch of websites together and then go to town, sharing stuff.
I also am creating a few themes for people who want to run their own as well, since the one I’ve got is designed for the web at
large—clearly not the arXiv crowd.
Cool ideas!

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