Khurt, I’m drawing a broader analogy between his business practices, which were relatively widely reported during the election cycle, and some of what he’s doing with respect to the government shutdown. Because many of the 800,000+ government workers are actually working through furloughs without any pay, I view the actions as relatively equivalent. Some may get the backpay when the government reopens, but many won’t while others will have lost significant portions of their pay with the additional stress that goes with this.

Possibly worse, while he’s using these tactics (both in his own business and for political reasons), he doesn’t seem to have any empathy whatsoever for those who are affected.

I haven’t yet seen any direct reportage linking his two sets of behaviors, which seem very similar in form to me.

Since the reportage of government workers not being paid due to the government shutdown are rampant for the past month, I suspect you’re asking for references to his prior business behavior. Some of the best I had seen include a few of the following, though I’m sure there are many more as well as additional meta reportage: