John, I think you’re totally right about the barriers. It’s not something I would recommend lightly either this year or even next year without some serious consideration, but it is something aspirational and definitely worth taking a shot at in the future. If they were to leave Twitter, I would worry that they’d loose out on some additional audience that might otherwise find them organically via their hashtag and other related hashtags. Staying there or allowing others to syndicate to Twitter easily definitely helps out when it comes to the discovery portion.

Like both of you, I’ve also played around with P2 in the past on a variety of sites, including one that had webmention installed. It’s an interesting set up, but does lose a lot of the IndieWeb flavor that it should really have. While it would do a potentially better job of creating a searchable archive of the conference, it could also still be a lot better.

My threaded conversation earlier was in some sense a test run of what a Twitter presentation might look like. There are one or two other variations I might like to try first, but I’ll see what I can put together before the deadline.