Chris, thanks for writing the wikipage. There is a lot to digest there ( I had no understanding on etherpads for example) and I’m still not clear on how I could have had a better my experience. I was one of those who gave up in frustration.

Compared to the sorts of events I attend online (or offline), the organization of the IndieWebCamp seemed “chaotic”. I’m not sure how to explain what I don’t understand or what I need.

One video session I tried to attend wasn’t possible in Safari. I had to install Firefox, a browser I never use. Even then, after that the audio was intermittent and the video non-existent. Given what you’ve written about last minute changes and refreshing the browser, it was a frustrating experience.

For the next online IndieWebCamp perhaps someone can be designated for technology support; i.e. someone to choose and test an audio/video platform end-to-end. And it should work in ALL major browsers on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

But most of my frustration was in know what link to use at what time to get to what. Truthfully, if the next experience is like the most recent one, which you admit was like the previous ones you’ve experienced, then I may always be the person outside wondering what is happening inside the room.