I thought I had done it ages ago, but gRegor Morrill’s post reminded me and upon checking I realized that I hadn’t made the update. So tonight I’ve added my pronouns to my profile card on my website.

I remember grabbing an identity button at a recent fundraiser for Planned Parenthood. That night I think I talked about 10 others into wearing them after emphasizing the importance of helping to normalize proper pronoun use.

Four people in cocktail attire pose for a photo in the lobby of the Langham Hotel.
Sonia Solin; Chris Aldrich; Kerry Ayazi; Spencer Kook at the Planned Parenthood Pasadena/San Gabriel Valley fundraiser in 2019. Sonia and Spencer are wearing their pronoun buttons; I haven’t gotten to Kerry before we took the photo.

Like gRegor said so well:

This removes any ambiguity and helps normalize the practice of sharing our pronouns. Not everyone uses pronouns that match the gender they present as and some people use non-gendered pronouns. If only those people shared their pronouns, it would make them feel “other.”

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