Kiri, IndieWeb is both wide and deep to be sure. But you’ve already got a domain name and your own site, so you’re pretty much already there. Adding a few small building block pieces like Webmention, Micropub, or IndieAuth can be nice additional gravy. Fortunately for a growing number of platforms doing these things are becoming as easy as adding a plugin or following a few tutorials. The more technically inclined are slowly rounding off the corners and CMSes like WithKnown have either built in support or one could go with an inexpensive all-in-one hosted solution like (where there is a burgeoning group of fellow pen enthusiasts, btw) if you don’t want to tinker with the maintenance.

If you have questions about it, I’m happy to help, or there’s always the IndieWeb chat: I’ve also written a lot about the topic, especially as it relates to WordPress, which I see you’re using:

I do think it would be interesting to expand the use case pages out to include IndieWeb use cases for a broader range of artists in addition to some of the material that is there for writers and musicians. Ideally, it’s better for people to simply use the technology and not have to build and maintain it all so that they have more time for focusing on and working at their art. I can tell from your website you’re obviously capable of both!