Generally the mf2 plugin has been abandoned as an approach and it isn’t recommended anymore, though it does fairly well with some themes. You’ll notice that on your site the author block and the top of the comments block have some visible p-tags on them because your theme obviously does some escaping for standard functionality. Disabling the plugin will clear that issue up.

Post Kinds may eventually be upgraded for Gutenberg, but the primary developer needs some help with the JavaScript portions as those aren’t his strong suit. If you know of anyone who can help on this front, I’m sure he’d love the extra hand(s). I suspect once one or two of the standard Post Kinds blocks have been built, doing all the rest will be relatively straightforward.

For Micropub, if you’ve got the time and curiosity, I gave a short talk on Micropub and WordPress at WordCamp Santa Clarita Valley earlier this year.

You’re right about the microformats effort. If I had one wish for 2020, it would be for WordPress to add mf2 to core. It’s one of the simplest underlying building blocks and it would make all the other pieces like Webmention, Micropub, and even Microsub so much more concrete and stable for the entire WordPress universe. I’ll have to take a look at the relevant issues in trak, but because it’s just a few additional classes that almost no one is currently using, it shouldn’t have any tremendous backcompat issues–particularly as it’s highly recommended that one not use microformats for CSS and display purposes.