It does seem that the deleting tags from localStorage workaround will prevent crashes, since it apparently no longer has any list of tags to search (I thought it queried the server but now I realize it was only querying the local cache), so of course it triggers the showing of a list of suggestions almost never now (or if it does, lists only a handful of newly added tags).

But that autocompletion is a pretty important feature to me so that I can quickly reuse tags (without introducing slightly differently spelled variations). I’m not sure which problem is worse, but probably the loss of tag autocompletion/search. So I may add my tags back to localStorage and see if I can use other workarounds to prevent crashes.

On the plus side, however, it looks like this will let me prune out some of the old/misspelled tags from my list that I don’t want to show up any longer, which is something I was something I’ve been wondering how to accomplish… 🙂