Hope you enjoy it Craig.

I thought most of the themes accounted for it, but for the posts (bookmarks, likes, etc.) that generally wouldn’t have a title, you can use the following line in your style.css file or in the customizer’s Additional CSS field to hide the date/time stamp titles on your posts:

.kind-note .entry-title,.kind-bookmark .entry-title,.kind-reply .entry-title,.kind-like .entry-title,.kind-favorite .entry-title,.kind-photo .entry-title,.kind-tag .entry-title,.kind-rsvp .entry-title,.kind-listen .entry-title,.kind-watch .entry-title,.kind-checkin .entry-title,.kind-wish .entry-title,.kind-play .entry-title,.kind-weather .entry-title,.kind-exercise .entry-title,.kind-travel .entry-title,.kind-eat .entry-title,.kind-drink .entry-title,.kind-follow .entry-title,.kind-jam .entry-title,.kind-read .entry-title,.kind-quote .entry-title,.kind-annotation .entry-title,.kind-highlight .entry-title,.kind-acquisition .entry-title {display:none}

Hopefully it works. 🙂 I think I’ve got all the common ones listed, but it should be easy to add others based on the general pattern above.