One of the things I’ve seen hiding around is how does mentions, and I’m guessing it’s for platforms that handle salmentions. In replies to multiple people it includes blank anchor tags with links to the URLs of the people and links in a particular post. This way anything that receives a reply/reaction should also have the link in it for upstream commentary.

I’ll try something like this here with a link to one of your RWR posts, and see if you notice the mention? If you reply back, you’ll likely need to include a similar “empty” link to maintain the chain. Naturally, if it works manually, then it could be something that we could puzzle out automating. Perhaps David Shanske has thought about it, experimented, or has ideas? I know that Matthias Pfefferle has done some work with the Salmon protocol which is loosely related.

I’ve done things like this manually in the past, but only in special cases. It would be nice if it were automated though. The tougher part may be getting bigger publishers to support/implement it.

I can also see some interesting use for it in the journalism space so authors can own a copy of their articles published in other outlets.

(Update, since we’re talking about salmention, I’ve manually upstreamed this response to the original tweet, though Aaron’s response is missing from that thread).

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