@w4rner Micro.blog has Micropub functionality built in as part of its core service. This should allow you to use many (any?) of the Micropub clients out there including that IFTTT recipe I linked to to pull data in from pretty much any site that’s got an RSS/Atom feed including Pocket.

To use something like Quill you’d input your domain name w4rner.micro.blog (and log into micro.blog if you’re not already), do that IndieAuth dance I mentioned and which mb supports, and you’re logged into the client. Then you can use it as an app to post notes, articles, and other things to your site. (Most apps will only let you post content types that your website supports, so while I may see “itineraries” as an option in Quill for my WordPress website, your micro.blog site may not (shouldn’t) since that’s not a feature that mb provides.)