This is a really interesting article. I am going to try talking out loud to myself more. I surround myself with ‘characters’ in the form of dolls and toy bears, and talk out loud to them endlessly. They each have a role within my memory world or the topics I am researching or experimenting with.

I did write briefly about walking as part of the memory system. I think that I only mentioned it in The Memory Code. It was something I referred to quite a few times. At one stage I wrote:

“The concept of walking along processional routes while chanting songs is one which will recur throughout this book because there is no better way to create a memory space. Even when the chanter is away from the site, they will be able to imagine their procession and recall the songs and associated knowledge.”

But I didn’t take about it in a contemporary context, nor as part of talking out loud to yourself. What Id described was more for pure memory, not for analysis and clarification. I find that a really interesting and promising idea.