Thanks Mrs. D. For some additional context, the majority of the people in the audience at that conference (particularly the Domains portion) specifically have some online infrastructure already, and almost all already have domains, most of which have at least a WordPress site. Just having something to start with is one of the bigger hurdles. The missing portion of my presentation, originally scheduled as a workshop, was a hands on walk through of adding those missing pieces. I’m not saying it’s all a piece of cake, but it helps to know what’s currently possible and begin helping people to put those pieces together. I’m hoping to do the rest of the workshop part in the coming weeks to help people realize some of these technologies for themselves.

For those who don’t want to build it for themselves, or need something temporary, I’d recommend or perhaps one of the services at (If nothing else, IndieWeb can’t be said not to offer any options.) Incidentally you can connect your external blog to as a means of finding people.

On the discovery part, you’ll slowly but surely find the crowd. You can find some interesting and useful examples here to start:

Good luck, and do let us know if we can help. 🙂