I’ve got a couple of starters already. I need to focus on making bread more often than once every week or two. I’m also about to embark on a kimchi experiment and am two weeks into a regular cycle of sauerkraut. I’ve also got lots fermenting in a few Obsidian, TiddlyWiki, and MediaWiki notebooks as well; glad to see others are doing something similar.

On the Webemention front, I’m aware that it’s something that could happen. I’m only sending one from my site. You’re getting the second because you’ve set up your site to receive them from Brid.gy as well—that’s not something over which I have control. Some in the IndieWeb space have set up code to de-duplicate webmentions from syndicated copies. If it becomes an issue for you, maybe it’s worth looking into? In practice it’s only something I see a few time a year.