Differentiating online variations of the Commonplace Book: Digital Gardens, Wikis, Zettlekasten, Waste Books, Florilegia, and Second Brains by Chris Aldrich (boffosocko.com)

A fluorescence of note taking tools
Over the past three or so years there has been a fluorescence of digital note taking tools and platforms.
Some of these include:
Open source projects like Org Mode, Logseq, Foam, Jupyter, Trilium, Databyss, Athens, Dendron, Anagora, and Hypothes.is.
Closed sourced…

A great collection and short history of the notetaking space and commonplace book. Again, a topic worth exploring for me. But I’m afraid it ends up another rabbithole with tons of sideways and ideas. I’m most interested in the intersection of notetaking tools, blogging culture, indieweb technology and personal communication. For instance, this note is published in public. With the use of webmentions, Chris gets a notification I talk about his work. He then chooses to (automatically) publish this response to his original blogpost and perhaps build on it. But a more interesting approach can be if I make a private note in Obsidian or any outliner tool, linking to Chris’ post. Chris still gets a notification, I give (frictionless) permission for him to see the part of the outline I write in private. Maybe we can work together on the thoughts in this outliner as well. Based on temporary and blockbased permission.
Most of the technology is already there. It’s what makes the internet. Hyperlinks and notifications. But the two-way hyperlink as Doug Engelbart envisioned is a concept that can bring communities and communication even more forward.