Bob, perhaps you’re missing (or forgetting) some of the context of my original post. There are already half a dozen forums for zettelkasten across the web for doing just this. The ZK forum, several on Reddit, multiple channels on YouTube not to mention the countless blogposts and other social media. Most people have exhausted the low hanging fruit about what it is, how to start, and there are thousands of divergent opinions about exactly how one ought to keep notes—it’s all so commonplace I’ve seen Eminem demo his slip box to Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes. Despite all this, there’s nearly nothing about what we might call the “last mile ZK” problem of using those notes to create and publish new material.

I’ve got as sophisticated a system as anyone out there, but I’ve also done a large amount of research and reading on these practices and related cultural practices throughout our broader intellectual history. What I’m looking for is that last part, which at present people only outline in the hypothetical. The depth of people writing or talking about the last step of utilizing their slip box to actually create content is exceedingly sparse.

I suspect, in part, it’s because that most of the “influencers” in the space don’t have enough practice and knowledge to actually get to the final step of using their system to create something.
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I’m well aware of the time and difficulty that it takes, and hope to get to something on the topic myself. But given the presumably thousands who have their own boxes, who do this daily, and many of whom dedicate countless hours to posting low-level advice in the aforementioned fora, how is this last part so sparse as to appear non-existent?

You’ve mentioned (twice) that you’re happy to demo yours, and that’s great. If you need me to turn on a recording and post the result to YouTube, Reddit, etc., I can do that if it makes things easier for you. But I suspect that this is not the bottleneck in the larger space.

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