That’s right, a “Links” page, just like we did it back in the day. When I deactivated my Twitter account, I asked my followers to send me a link to a blog they post to, so I could follow them there. I also made a list of everyone I followed who had a site listed on their profile. This page is largely a product of those exercises, combined with sources collected in my RSS reader over the years. I’ll be adding more links over time, as new and interesting sites land on my radar.
I have a lot of links to work through, so if you sent me a link and you’re not listed yet, I’ve probably just not got to you yet!
Link categorisation was correct at the time of writing, and obviously I take no responsibility for the contents of these sites.

Indieseek Directory
Personal Sites are Awesome!
🕸💍 IndieWeb Webring


Chris Aldrich
David Shanske
Eddie Hinkle
Indieseek Blog
Jeremy Keith
Kicks Condor
Marty McGuire
P83 by Peter Stuifzand

IndieWeb Tools

IndieWeb Wiki MF2 Parser
Webmention Rocks!

Media & Arts

Film Crit Hulk
Games Revisited

Miniature Painting & Tabletop Gaming

AOS Shorts
Binx’s Hobby Blog
cadianshock’s Warhammer 40K Blog
Calth Burns
Contains Graphic Images
Ex Profundis
Feelin Strangely Fine
Forces of Darkness
Four Dads of the Apocalypse
Hobbit Hobbies
Hobby from the Aett
Hobby Hammer
Innsmouth Gaming Club
Le Terrier du Verménarque
Miniature Miscellany
Miniature Musings of a Bear
My World, Just In Miniature
Objective Secured
Old Dark Angel- the ramblings of a returning hobbyist
Pike’s Miniature Painting
Pro Painted Podcast
Quietly Raging
Sprues & Brews
St. Andrews Wargaming
Synchroneyess Miniature Painting
The 73rd Harrowing
The Brush and Boltgun
The Burning Eye
The Emprahs Mighty Flowry Meadow
The Gngr Noob
The Northern Wastes
The Responsible One’s Wargaming Blog
The wargaming world of Nozza
Tower of the Archmage
Tyken’s Rift
Variance Hammer
Vincent Knotley’s Hobby Blog
Warboss Kurgan
Warhammer 39,999

Security & Privacy

Lesley Carhart
Naked Security by Sophos
Scott Helme
The Gruqq
Troy Hunt

The Web/Tech News & Blogs

Ars Technica
Chloe Condon
Christina Warren
Derek Powazek
Dustin Curtis
Jessie Frazelle
Six Colours

Web/Development Bloggers

Andy Budd
Anil Dash
Craig Hockenberry
Eric Meyer
Jason Santa Maria
Jonathan Snook
M.G. Siegler
Mark Boulton
Matt Mullenweg
Mike Davidson
Mike Montiero
Paul Irish
Rachel Andrew

Writers & Journalists

Aaron Dembski-Bowden
Anne Wheaton
Carole Cadwalladr (The Guardian)
Dawn Foster (The Guardian)
Ella Dawson
Eve Rebecca Livingston
Geek Magnifique
Iain MacWhirter
Jack of Kent
James Swallow
On The Borderlines
Peter Geoghegan
The Everywhereist
The Secret Barrister
Vittoria’s Secret
Wil Wheaton