Checkin Starbucks on York for Homebrew Website Club

Homebrew Website Club

It was great to see Michael Kirk and his friend who joined in the festivities. Though Michael forgot his laptop, we talked about how his site was doing post IndieWebCamp and I demo’d some of the recent reading workflow I’ve worked through in the past several months. Sadly I forgot the official photo of the group.

Chris Aldrich in his natural habitat (with pastries nearby). Hearing Tantek’s voice in my head, I went back after we wrapped up so I didn’t have to illustrate another one.

Checkin Dunsmore Park

I can smell baseball

On my morning walk today, the grounds crew was out dragging the chains on the warning track. The chalk lines were all freshly laid down.


Checkin UCLA Kerckhoff Coffee House

Change of pace

Had a large latte to go for class

Interesting art hanging outside of the coffee shop
I always loved the architecture and style in this building.

Checkin Glen Park West Retirement Community

The quirkiest place I’ve ever voted. Glad they offered to be a polling place.

There’s only one thing on the ballot today: County Measure H – Los Angeles County Plan to Prevent and Combat Homelessness

Checkin Los Angeles Public Library – Eagle Rock

Waiting for the library to open with central casting milling around the front door:

  • A poor actor talking about knowing Corey Feldman back in the day is wearing a brown poncho with black devil horns on his forehead while speaking in a preternaturally loud voice, as if he were giving a performance;
  • His sixty-ish female companion is trying to wrangle several children, though I’m not sure how many of the three or so orbiting her are actually hers;
  • One of the children, a 7 year old named Tommy Two Feathers, is commanded to look for a blue jacket as the group hovers around a very late model Toyota pickup parked in a no parking zone that appears to have all of the family’s belongings except for the several dozen or so which are sitting on the sidewalk for no apparent reason;
  • Then there are two tatted up 20 something thugs, one of whom is sparking up in the grass while the other twitchily watches;
  • There’s a granola mom with two home-schooled kids buzzing around on scooters;
  • A first generation Chinese woman with tattered plastic grocery bags full of books to return;
  • A Caucasian retiree in a hoodie;
  • An average mom with a bright, curly red-headed 2 year old; and
  • A few hipsters of the Eagle Rock persuasion.

I wish I could take more photos, but don’t think the menagerie would really appreciate it. I definitely wanted to videotape the devil’s performance, but I’m not sure if I would have remained one of the audience in the process.

I’m wondering how I came to be here…