Boffo Socko Entertainment

Entertainment Industry Practice

I am a talent manager and producer in the entertainment industry with interests in representation, distribution, finance, production, publishing, content delivery, and new media.

I have spent over 20 years in entertainment representing a variety of clients in:

  • film
  • television
  • publishing (book publishing rights as well as ancillary rights including stage and screen adaptations and self-publishing platforms)
  • stage
  • music

Though my current primary focus is on writers/authors and actors, I represent a variety of multi-hyphenates as writers, directors, actors, musicians, and producers. I consult in various other areas including finance and distribution in a variety of platforms and media.

I often teach entertainment related courses for the Film and Media Studies Program at the Johns Hopkins University.

I’m currently working on a textbook covering how the representation business operates within and drives the entertainment industry.


For entertainment industry representation consideration, please see our submissions page.


Boffo Socko Books is a full-service publishing company that acquires and releases a variety of fiction and nonfiction work in traditional hardback, paperback, and e-book formats. Submissions should follow the guidelines laid out on our submissions page. Agents and attorneys are welcome to solicit via traditional channels.

Boffo Socko Publishing is an author services company which leverages our experience in entertainment and publishing to help writers and authors self-publish their highest quality work in the broadest variety of formats. While the bar for self-publishing is coming down, the process is still much more complicated and involved than many writers have the experience or confidence to navigate. We assist them on either an as-needed-basis or by contract acting in many senses as a book producer/publisher. Though we prefer to begin working with writers at the beginning of their processes, we take on clients at various stages in the publishing stream.

For those interested in editing, proofreading, book design, typography, legal, or publicity related services, please send your query to us via the contact form at Boffo Socko Publishing, which also has more information about available services.


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