Checkin Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles

Checkin Basin 141

Happy hour!

Angelino Julep: Bulleit Rye, Brandy, Muddled Pear & Mint, Fresh Lemon, Brown Sugar

Checkin UCLA Mathematical Sciences Building

Turning caffeine into theorems.

A few boards into complex analysis already.
Caffeine and Theorems

Checkin Westwood Village

Looks like they’ve tented off the parking lot for a Power Rangers party tonight.

Tented parking lot for Westwood Premiere

Checkin Clifton’s Cafeteria

Checked into Clifton's Cafeteria

Dining at an LA institution for the first time.

Checkin UCLA Mathematical Sciences Building

I’ll bet I had a better Pi Day than you did today. I got to sit through three hours of a fascinating lecture on complex analysis covering Bernoulli numbers, Reimann’s Zeta Function, the Gamma Function, Euler’s Function, the duplication formula, the symmetrical form of the zeta functional equation, and Reimann’s Hypothesis. All replete with references to pi! Take that nerds!

The best part of daylight savings time? I get to see the sun set on the Mathematical Sciences Building.

Checkin Pieology Pizzeria

For Pi day, right? Massive line with news crew though. If rather be at Complex Analysis.

Apparently this is the place to be on Pi Day–the line is clear down the block!


Checkin Chevy Chase Library Connection

Stopping by the local mini branch and there’s an exciting storyteller with balloons. A fully grown woman amazed a bunch of 1-8 year olds with the ability to climb into a 6 foot yellow balloon and carefully escape. In a terrifically tiny branch library, how can you not but pay attention to 20 kids chanting, cheering, clapping, and generally recreating the sounds of a hurricane from a storybook? It was better than anything I might have otherwise watched on TV tonight.