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❤️ Mickey_McCauley tweeted 1992: There are 8 websites. they do nothing 1999: There are 5 million websites dedicated to every conceivable interest or curiosity 2019: There are 8 websites. they do nothing, but you must be on them continuously in order to exist

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❤️ OnlineCrsLady tweeted I was already excited about #Domains19 ……….. and now I am REALLY excited!!! this is perfect moment for me to learn about HAXcms! https://t.co/bMsXpYhHls

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I haven't found a digital planner that can properly deal with how often I hop timezones. Sometimes you just have to stick to paper. Most planners are so big that I don't want to take them with me, so I'm very happy I found this stick planner in Japan! Finally I have a planner that I'll actually toss in my travel bag!

❤️ jmsclee tweeted I’m absolutely crying at this. Sound on. https://t.co/BibRtM10sc

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❤️ randal_olson tweeted 10 most populous cities in the world from 1500-2018. #dataviz https://t.co/vtGEBVLdYk https://t.co/uvIkuE4VDI

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❤️ hummearth tweeted @NurtureGirl @kevinmarks @adamjorlen Oh, what an interesting educational thread! Tools to pull and interact with social media is definitely something to explore & integrate down the road. Especially for us at #Humm – aiming to build an agent-centric self-publishing platform. We’ll definitely check #indieweb.

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❤️ NurtureGirl tweeted @kevinmarks @adamjorlen @hummearth Ooooh my fantasies could come true!

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I’m working on improving my content processing for my site. The focus is around making more “magic” happen on the fly for me. I should have mentions, auto tagging and emoji to HTML entity conversion ready soon. The one thing that I am sorely missing is the ability to address a group. And the m...