📖 Read pages 52-88 of Just My Type by Simon Garfield

📖 Read pages 52-88 of Just My Type: A Book about Fonts by Simon Garfield Highlights, Quotes, & Marginalia Chapters 3-5 people found type with strong distinctive strokes easier to read than flattened styles; and a greater distinction between letters led to a clearer (and faster) digest of information. The research confirmed that the key…

Obama’s Secret to Surviving the White House Years: Books | The New York Times

Read Obama’s Secret to Surviving the White House Years: Books (nytimes.com)
In an interview seven days before leaving office, Mr. Obama talked about the role books have played during his presidency and throughout his life.
Not since Lincoln has there been a president as fundamentally shaped — in his life, convictions and outlook on the world — by reading and writing as Barack Obama. Last Friday, seven days before his departure from the White House, Mr. Obama sat down in the Oval Office and talked about the indispensable role that…

Introduction to Complex Analysis – Lecture 1 Notes

For those who missed the first class of Introduction to Complex Analysis on 09/20/16, I'm attaching a link to the downloadable version of the notes in Livescribe's Pencast .pdf format. This is a special .pdf file but it's a bit larger in size because it has an embedded audio file in it that is playable with the…

Dr. Michael Miller Math Class Hints and Tips | UCLA Extension

An informal orientation for those taking math classes from Dr. Michael Miller through UCLA Extension.