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I saw a lot more interesting things at IndieWebCamp New York in the last two days than ultimately ended up in the demos, but I’m sure that continued work will bring a lot more awesomeness to the web to fruition.

Congratulations to everyone who attended! Special thanks to Greg McVerry, David ShanskeMarty McGuire, and all of the sponsors who helped put it all together! And special thanks to all the rest of the community (both in person and remotely) that came together to make it what it was–you all know who you are, so I won’t person tag/@mention/webmention everyone individually.

For those who missed it, there’s a wealth of information on the wiki, on the YouTube channel, and in the chat logs.

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Would you be interested to give a talk at Innovate Pasadena sometime during the month of October? I’m putting together a session, set a date and secure a venue to talk on variety of topics like WordPress, CSS, Accessibility, Performance or the IndieWeb.
I’m definitely game. Is this for their Tech Week+ activities? I’m a big fan of Innovate Pasadena and frequently attend some of their talks and events.

Let me know what’s entailed, and I’m happy to help.

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Some experts are seriously considering a proposal to harvest Antarctic icebergs and haul them to Cape Town. What are the chances it will succeed?
I saw this article title pop up and couldn’t help but immediately think about this glorious scene from Brewster’s Millions starring Richard Pryor and John Candy:

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Friday on the NewsHour, the Senate Judiciary Committee gives a green light to confirming Brett Kavanaugh but joins the White House in calling for an FBI investigation into the sexual assault allegations he faces. Also, why the U.S. will be engaged in Syria for the foreseeable future, Shields and Brooks discuss Kavanaugh and how one television show is handling today’s contentious politics.