Would love links to any descriptions of the systems used by Conrad Gessner (1516-1565) or Johann Jacob Moser (1701–1785)

Luhman wrote a description of his, it was adopted by Robert Green, who taught Ryan Holiday, who wrote the post I read.

Not all the ancients are ancestors.

Commonplace books are great, I looked into those extensively in 2016/2017 as I searched for analog metaphors.

Your post says nothing at all to suggest Luhman didn’t “invent” “Zettelkasten” (no one says he was only one writing on scraps of paper), you list two names and no links

If you’re generalizing Zettelkasten to “All Non-Linear Knowledge Management Strategies” You should include Mortimer Adler and the Syntopicon, and John Locke’s guide to how to set up a commonplace book

This isn’t a game of calling “dibs”

it’s about 🧠s

Also @rydercarroll
and bullet journal for more modern take on commonplace books

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