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  • A List Apart
    A List Apart
    Webmentions: Enabling Better Communication on the Internet

  • Speed Reading on Web and Mobile
  • A New Way to “Know and Master Your Social Media Flow”
    A New Way to “Know and Master Your Social Media Flow”
    On the anniversary of the death of FriendFeed, I update Louis Gray's flawed social media diagram.
  • IndieWeb related articles
    IndieWeb related articles
    Here's a selection of articles and pieces I've written about IndieWeb related technology and philosophy.
  • What is Information? by Christoph Adami A proper understanding of information in terms of prediction is key to a number of disciplines beyond engineering, such as physics and biology.
  • Popular Science Books on Information Theory, Biology, and Complexity
  • Need Help Publishing?
    Need Help Publishing?
  • Latin Pedagogy and the Digital Humanities
  • It's time to embrace open & disrupt social media
    It's time to embrace open & disrupt social media
    Feed reader revolution
  • To Purchase, Rent, or Pirate? The Broken Economics of Textbooks in the Digital Age What's wrong with the economics of the textbook industry, and what students, parents, professors, and universities can do to mitigate the ever-rising price of textbooks.
  • What I'm up to
    What I'm up to
  • An Introduction to the IndieWeb
    An Introduction to the IndieWeb
    There's a better way to own and control your online identity
  • The Facebook Algorithm Mom Problem
    The Facebook Algorithm Mom Problem
    How I temporarily cut my mom out of my social media life to reach a larger audience.
  • On Choosing Your Own Textbooks: General advice for choosing the right textbook for your educational goals
  • I’m apparently the king of the microformat rel=”me”

Brief Philosophy

I use this website as my primary hub for online presence and communication and to some extent as my online commonplace book. I try to follow the tenets of the IndieWeb movement by publishing on my own site and owning all of my own data. When I participate in social silos (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), I post here first and syndicate duplicates out to them (POSSE). These posts either originate from here or my social stream. You’re welcome to subscribe to or consume them in any manner or on any platform you prefer.

Recent Posts in Information Theory, Complexity, and Molecular Biology

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For more quick-hit (and primarily social related posts and replies) please see my other social stream.

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Boffo Socko Books | Boffo Socko Publishing

REad Amerikan Krazy by Henry James Korn

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