Chris Aldrich

Hello! I’m Chris. I use this website as my primary hub for online identity and communication. It’s also my online commonplace book.

Below, you’ll find a variety of media types I publish. You’ll also see lists of categories I frequently publish to including IndieWeb, mathematics, information theory, biology, history, economics, humanities, note taking & related topics. If you’re interested in more niche sub-topics, I have a list of tags available for searching and following as well.

As a member of the IndieWeb movement/community, I follow many of their principles including owning all of my own data by publishing it on my own website. When I participate on most social media sites, I generally post here first and syndicate/cross-post duplicates out to them (POSSE). In some cases, I may post to social services first and then immediately syndicate copies of that content to my own website (PESOS). This site supports the receipt of Webmention notifications and, when possible, will show replies from other websites. If you @mention me on Twitter or link to my posts there, I should receive notifications here and can show those replies as comments on my posts.

You’re welcome to subscribe to or follow my content in any manner or on any platform you prefer. However, keep in mind that the canonical copies live on this site and are the most complete. You’d have to follow me on a plethora of sites to be able to follow even a small portion of my online content output, and even then you’ll find that this is the only site with complete copies of all of it.

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