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Just wait until your friends start complaining when they realize that the SEO on their names and photos is ruined by your website ranking so far above their own websites and social.

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After reading a few blog posts from Jamie Tanna, I have recently become interested in the IndieWeb. I like it because you can own all of your own data while still connecting with others. The IndieWeb is a people-focused alternative to the "corporate web". Microformats Firstly I decided to implement ...


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Bookmarked Unicyclic ( is a social feed reader, which means you can subscribe to feeds and then reply to, like, or share what you're reading from the reader.

If you have your own website, you can use it to log in right here using IndieAuth. If you also support Micropub, all your interactions here will be posted back to your own site.

If you don't have your own website you can also create an account on this site and then log in here. Local accounts will also receive notifications sent from other sites via webmention, including from Twitter via was created by Malcolm Blaney and is powered by a content management system called dobrado. You can also download the software from there and run it on your own server. If you need any help getting started, please use this contact form. If you're interested in following updates to the software please add my blog to your reader. Thanks for visiting!

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De laatste paar jaar lijkt het alsof er weer meer persoonlijke websites worden opgestart. Vaak uit irritatie over hoe extreem sociale media zijn geworden, of omdat men zich weggedrukt voelt door het algoritmisch geweld van de grote platformen. Wat de reden ook is, ik vind het een goede ontwikkeling. Eigen plek op het web Nog …
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Finally began working on the new instance of Fortress. The goal is to have the main site attempt to register and acknowledge accounts for sites that expose a h-card. It’ll just show the authorization endpoint found when attempting to resolve the site as well as a normalized [h-card] for the URL in question. Ideally, I should have that much ready for testing for the IndieWeb before this week’s newsletter is out!

🎧 Tom Woodward | Gettin’ Air with Terry Green | voicEd

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Tom Woodward (@twoodwar) is Associate Director of Innovation in the @VCUALTLab. We chat about the awesome things that can happen when great educational technologists like Tom get to work with great educators. A few of those things are,, and oh the 34,200 blogs at!

I feel robbed that Terry Greene only published the first half an hour of what would assuredly been an epic 10 hour discussion. Suppose I’ll just have to be content with reading Tom Woodward’s blog cover to cover and scouring the web for video that features him.

❤️ vboykis tweeted I can forgive Twitter for stuff like,,,destroying the free world and inciting cancel culture

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Vicki, I’m sure you mentioned it purely for your awesome and inimitable snark and you’re obviously otherwise aware… but for everyone else who’s suffering:

Why not keep your avatar on a website you own and control? If it’s at a permalink you control, you can even replace the photo and those who hotlink/transclude it will allow you to update it automatically over time. As an example, I keep one of me at Having a permalink to my own avatar was the only reason I got a website, and now look what I’ve gotten myself into…

If I recall correctly, when you delete or replace those Twitter avatars, the old links go dead and they generate a new link anyway.

👓 Instagram is about to hide likes for some US users. Here's what to expect | CNN

Read Instagram is about to hide likes for some US users. Here's what to expect (CNN)
Instagram is removing likes for some users in the United States, following similar tests in other countries, including Canada and Australia.

👓 When You Give A Mouse A Domain | Greg McVerry

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She'll want a wesbite to go with it

A slick homage to Laura Numeroff’s children’s book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Great job Greg! This is hilarious.


👓 Indieweb Updates and Thoughts | Roy Tang

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I mentioned before that I was looking into indieweb stuff. There’s a whole wiki of information about it if you’re into that sort of thing, but also here’s a recent post which kind of serves as an overview. I have some comments on the content of this post, more on that later. Indieweb things I?...

Congratulations Roy!

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So I got webmentions set up working on my site and Kickscondor replied: Hey, glad you got this going! I completely agree that Webmentions are too hard. However, they’ve been rock solid for me after I got my setup in place. And they were ultimately worth it for me. I’m a believer now. The technol...

Congratulations Tom!

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All the credit really goes to Ryan Barrett and the huge open source crowd in the #IndieWeb who provide a truly magic tech layer for adding onto the and space. If you haven’t tried it, step on in and say hello! 👋