👓 Playing with the Indieweb | Notist | Stephen Rushe

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I’ve recently been exploring the world of the IndieWeb, and owning my own content rather than being reliant on the continued existence of “silos” to maintain it. This has led me to discover the varied eco-system of IndieWeb, such as IndieAuth, Microformats, Micropub, Webmentions, Microsub, POSSE, and PESOS. I’ll give a whirlwind high-level tour of each and also show examples of the related projects I’ve spend my time on in recent months, including hand-crafted artisanal music scrobbling.

👓 Easy IndieWeb Login with WP-Dimension Theme | CogDogBlog

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Those big time motivational speakers who talk about starting to learn with a problem you want to solve have never really accounted for serendipitous learning. Is everything as simple as problem

👓 Remark Development Log: Starting with the Kit | Eddie Hinkle

Read Remark Development Log: Starting with the Kit by Eddie HinkleEddie Hinkle (eddiehinkle.com)
This is the first post about Remark, my upcoming Social Reader that is replacing my previous app, Indigenous. In my last log about Indigenous I talked about taking the lessons I’ve learned during Indigenous and structuring Remark better from the ground up. First things first, I have multiple apps ...
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a post by Changeling mx It’s been a while since I’ve listened to them. Dang. Nice, and good luck!

Katherine, I noticed the other day that some of your posts, like this one, is duplicating content, and was sure I’d seen something about it in one of the IW chat logs. This morning I came across a post from Davey Moloney that confirmed my suspicions about a potential bug in the Autonomie theme which I think you’re also using. He said:

The Autonomie theme had been displaying duplicate status updates on my site recently. A quick re-install of the most-up-to-date theme package seems to have fixed everything.

I know you’ve recently set up your new site, so I thought I’d mention it so you don’t waste time trying to track down the bug, which will hopefully clear up with a refresh of the theme files.

I’ll also mention in passing that your menu bar has two “About Me” links (likely introduced because you’re using your about me as your home page–this happened to me a year ago or so), and you’ve left a “Sample Page” published, so that is also hiding in your menu bar as well.


👓 More on The New Yorker | Manton Reece

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I linked briefly to The New Yorker article by Cal Newport over the weekend, but wanted to add a few more thoughts. The article really does a great job of capturing what the IndieWeb movement is about, and Micro.blog’s role in it: Even as it offers a familiar interface, though, everyone posting to ...

I’ll take the old saw that any publicity is good publicity, but It could have been better in my opinion. I suppose part of it is the fact that someone who is avowedly anti-social media wrote the piece, but then with this in mind, it must amount to a glowing review then right?!

👓 The Autonomie theme had been displaying duplicate status updates | Davey Moloney

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The Autonomie theme had been displaying duplicate status updates on my site recently. A quick re-install of the most-up-to-date theme package seems to have fixed everything.
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👓 On Reading Feeds #Indieweb Style | Ton Zijlstra

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This is a quick exploration of my current and preferred feed reading patterns. As part of my activities, for Day 2, the hack day, of IndieWebCamp Utrecht. I currently use a stand alone RSS reader, which only consumes RSS feeds. I also experiment with TinyTinyRSS which is a self-hosted feed-grabber a...

👓 Implementing h-feed, and making all site content discoverable | Jamie Tanna

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With this announcement, I have two great pieces of news. The first, is that you'll now be able to follow my website's h-feed, which is a microformats2 structure for a feed of data. This is in addition to my RSS feed (/feed.xml) and my JSON feed (/feed.json), and will allow further interoperability with the IndieWeb.

👓 Can “Indie” Social Media Save Us? | The New Yorker

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Alongside these official responses, a loose collective of developers and techno-utopians that calls itself the IndieWeb has been creating another alternative. The movement’s affiliates are developing their own social-media platforms, which they say will preserve what’s good about social media while jettisoning what’s bad. They hope to rebuild social media according to principles that are less corporate and more humane.

Excited to see that the IndieWeb “hobby” I’ve been spending a lot of my time on for the past few years has made it into The New Yorker!

📺 Take Back Your Web by Tantek Çelik | Beyond Tallerand 2019

Watched Take Back Your Web by Tantek Çelik from Beyond Tallerand | Vimeo

We used to control our online identities, content, and experience. We now share Twitter names instead of domains; even web developers tweet and post on Medium instead of their own sites. We scroll social media and feel empty instead of reading news & blogs to feel informed and connected. Algorithmic feeds amplify rage & conspiracies, enabling tribal ad-targeting to polarise and spread misinformation, threatening democracy itself.

What happened? And what are we doing to fix it?
That's a big question that will require all of us, our communities, our employers, to shift. I don't want to wait, and you probably don't either.

What can you do for yourself, today?

Own your domain. Own your content. Own your social connections. Own your reading experience. IndieWeb services, tools, and standards enable you to take back your web.

👓 Are you ready to share your OPML? | Dave Winer

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Imagine if there were a database of feeds we all subscribed to, and we could get recommendations of new feeds to follow, based on what we already follow.That's the idea behind Share Your OPML, a service I started in 2006. The story of SYO is one of success followed by scaling issues. Now we have better technology so it should scale better.Help us get it started by:1. Export your subscription list in whatever RSS reader or podcast client you use.2. Upload it to the new SYO site. (It's simple, just sign in with Twitter and drag-drop your OPML on the gray box. Takes less than a minute.)If you have questions, post a comment here. Dave