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Primary Internet Presences

 Chris Aldrich | BoffoSocko

 Chris Aldrich Social Stream

Content from the above two sites is syndicated primarily, but not exclusively, or evenly to the following silo-based profiles

 Facebook–joined April 24, 2006
 Twitter–joined February 18, 2008 2:31pm–joined April 27, 2017, 05:11 pm (Status)–joined December 9, 2016
 Inoreader–joined October 2016

Contributor to

 Musings of a Modern Day Cyberneticist Primary website and blog
 Chris Aldrich’s Social Stream
 WithKnown (Dormant) (Wiki)
 Little Free Library #8424 Blog
 Mendeley ITBio References
 Chris Aldrich Radio3 (Link Blog)
 Category Theory Summer Study Group
 Johns Hopkins Twitter Feed (Previous)
 JHU Facebook Fan Page (Previous)



Other Social Profiles

 10c–joined February 16th 2017, 12:55:39 pm
 pnut–joined Wed, 15 Mar 2017 17:46:50 +0000 Pnut id: 335
 Patreon –joined July 5, 2009
 Neocities–joined 6/10/2016
 Hacker News–joined October 16, 2015
 Lobsters–joined November 11, 2018 19:45:19 -06:00

Academia / Research Related

 Research Gate
 IEEE Information Theory Society (ITSOC)
 ORCID–joined ~12/15/15–joined January 2012
 Genius (fka Rap Genius, aka News Genius, etc)
 Diigo (Bookmarks, annotations)–joined 6/2/15
 FigShare – Research Data
 CiteULike–joined June 24, 2008, closing March 30, 2019
 Open Study –closing 1/31/17 –joined 11/30/16
 Digital Signal Processing-StackExchange
 Physics Forums
 HC MLA Commons–joined 1/30/18

MOOC Related

 Khan Academy

Reading Related

 Book Crossing
 Read Fold
 Disqus (Comments)
 Disqus (Comments)–joined March 4, 2019
 Intense Debate (Comments)–joined April 23, 2009; Own all content as of 10/27/17
 Wattpad (Bookmarking)
 Amazon Profile
 Wishlist: Evolutionary Theory
 Wishlist: Information Theory
 Wishlist: Mathematics
 Camp NaNoWriMo
 Old Reader
 Gentle Reader–joined 02/26/18 at 12:50 pm

Programming Related

 GitLab–joined 9/27/16
 Free Code Camp
 Code School

Audio / Video

 Huffduffer (Music/Status)–joined July 12, 2008
 Pandora (Radio)
 Telfie (TV Checkin)
Letterboxd (Movie checkins)–joined 4/12/17
 Trakt (Scrobbling TV/Movies)–joined March 30, 2017 8:11 PM
 Audioboo (Audio)
 Bambuser (Video)
 The Session (Irish Music) (Podcast related)–joined December 5, 2018
 Listen Notes (Podcast related)–joined February 7, 2019 at 6:59 pm

Food / Travel / Events

 Tripit (Travel)
 Lanyard (Conference)
 Conferize (Conference) (Events)–re-joined 3/30/17 11:10pm (Events)–joined 1/29/18 at 1:34pm (Events)–joined Fall 2017, platform pending


 RebelMouse (unused)
 Peach (app only)
 Kinja (commenting system/pseudo-blog)
 Mnemotechniques (Memory Forum) –joined April 22, 2014
 AppBrain Android Phone Apps
 BlogCatalog (Status)
 Plurk (Status)–joined June 1, 2008
 Everyday Carry–joined 12/30/17
 Nextdoor–Re-joined 09/17
 Creative Mornings–Joined June 2019

Defunct Social Sites

 MySpace (Old School version)
 Picasa (Food Blog)
 Google Sidewiki (Annotation)
 Wakoopa (Software usage)
 Seesmic (Video, Status)
 Jaiku (Status)
 Friendster (Social Media)
 GetGlue (Video checkin)
 FootFeed (Location)
 Google Reader (Reader)
 CinchCast (Audio)
 Backtype (Commenting) (Calendar)
 Chime.In (Status)
 MyBigCampus (College related)
 Pownce (Status)–closed 02/09
 Cliqset (Status)– closed 11/22/10
 Brightkite (Location/Status)–closed 12/10/10
 Buzz (Status)–closed 12/15/11
 Gowalla (Location)–closed 3/11/12
 Picplz (Photo)–closed 9/2/12
Posterous (Blog)–closed 4/30/13 [all content from this site has been recovered and ported]
 Upcoming (Calendar)–closed 4/30/13; Archived version live again on 3/30/17
 ClaimID (Identity)–closed 12/12/13
 Qik (Video)–closed 4/30/14
 Readmill (Reading)–closed 7/1/14
 Orkut (Status)–closed 9/1/14
 Plinky–closed 9/1/14
 Vizify (Identity)–shut down September 4, 2014 after Yahoo! acquisition
 FriendFeed (Social Networking)– closed 4/10/15
 Plancast (Calendar)–closed 1/21/16
 Symantec Personal Identity Program (Identity) – closing 9/11/16
 Shelfari (Reading)–closed 3/16/16
 Readability (Bookmarking/reading) – closed 9/30/16
 Readlist (Bookmarking/reading)
 Theoretical Physics-StackExchange–shut down for lack of traction (ADN)(Status)–closed 3/15/17
 Plaxo–closed 01/01/18
 Storify –Shutting down 5/18/2018; data exported 12/12/17
 TwitPic (Photos)–shut down; Own all content as of 11/2/16
 OdySci – Engineering Research
–original product shut down between 2014 and 2018
 Klout–shut down May 25, 2018 (Status)–joined April 26, 2016 12:38pm; shut down summer 2018
 StumbleUpon–shut down June 30, 2018 (Status)–joined April 26, 2016 12:41pm; shutting down September 5, 2018
 Path (Status)–joined November 29, 2010; shutting down October 18, 2018
 Google+–shut down April 2, 2019
 Sciencescape–acquired by CVI; disappeared around early 2019

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