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I haven't found a digital planner that can properly deal with how often I hop timezones. Sometimes you just have to stick to paper. Most planners are so big that I don't want to take them with me, so I'm very happy I found this stick planner in Japan! Finally I have a planner that I'll actually toss in my travel bag!

❤️ jmsclee tweeted I’m absolutely crying at this. Sound on.

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❤️ randal_olson tweeted 10 most populous cities in the world from 1500-2018. #dataviz

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❤️ hummearth tweeted @NurtureGirl @kevinmarks @adamjorlen Oh, what an interesting educational thread! Tools to pull and interact with social media is definitely something to explore & integrate down the road. Especially for us at #Humm – aiming to build an agent-centric self-publishing platform. We’ll definitely check #indieweb.

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❤️ NurtureGirl tweeted @kevinmarks @adamjorlen @hummearth Ooooh my fantasies could come true!

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I’ve used Disqus comments on this site for a long time. At the time I set it up, it was ubiquitous, easy to set up, and a no-brainer…

Ha! “[Disqus has] gotten fat over the years and like a bad husband, I’m finally dumping it.”

❤️ Behind the scenes | myravery

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I changed my underlying url today. It’s not something many other people would see, but it’s been on my to-do list for…years. I also sorted through the variety of things that are b…

I remember accidentally changing my URL from http to https. It took me several months to notice the difference…

❤️ Registration for IndieWebCamp Online 2019 is open! | Eddie Hinkle

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Registration for IndieWebCamp Online 2019 is open!, it's the first IndieWebCamp based on the internet since 2014 and we're experimenting with really embracing the internet medium for everything it has. Come experiment with us?

❤️ Indieweb Publisher WordPress Theme Now Available to Try | David Shanske

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Over the last months, one of the regular problems mentioned with the Indieweb on WordPress is the lack of compatible themes. Most themes do not properly mark up their content in microformats, or support some of the customizations that would integrate with Indieweb plugins. I had already been working...

👓 Chris Aldrich’s Directory List | Kicks Condor

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This is cool. I think @c does incredibly generous work—and a lot of it is reading and discovering people out there. I’m shocked at how many people he reads and responds to. And this wiki page. Taking the time to pitch in on a little niche of the Indieweb—I find that very inspiring. I want to look around and contribute something like this another niche out there (tultywits) that I admire.

Kicks, you’re far too kind…