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Watched 20 crazy bikes that you have to see to believe from youtube.com

These crazy bikes are built all kinds of strange ways. Here is our list of 20 crazy bikes you have to see to believe.

Featured Crazy Bikes ⭐
#20 The Ice Wheeled Bike http://www.colinfurze.com/ https://www.youtube.com/user/colinfurze/featured
#19 The Zenga Tall Tall Bike
#18 The STOOPIDTALLER created by Richie Trimble
#17 the Longest Bicycle in the world created by Mijil Van Mares Werkploeg
#16 the Monster Bike created by Wouter van den Bosch
#15 The Forkless Cruiser Phantom Bike by Olli Erkkila
#14 the Backwards Tandem Bike created by Huang Hong-sen
#13 Sideways bike by Michael Killian
#12 The Backwards bike by Destin Sandlin
#11 the Running shoe bike from Continental Tire
#10 Nisttarkya the 1st Indian Electric concept bike Developed By Santhosh
#9 The Rowbike Four Wheeled Rowing Cycle https://www.rowbike.com/product-page/rowbike-4-0
#8 The Bendable Bike created by Adam Frucci
#7 The B.O.N.D Bike by Yannick Read
#6 The Lopifit bike https://www.lopifitus.com/
#5 The Halbrad Half Bike designer Felix Kruschardt http://halbrad.de/
#4 The Bionic Runner Bike https://amzn.to/2JnOxEZ
#3 The Lunartic a hubless urban bike - designed by Luke Douglas
#2 Strandbeest The Spider Bike Created by Theo Jansen http://carv.co/
#1 the Cyclotron Bike https://www.cyclotronbike.com/

👓 How the design firm behind the Xbox built the bike of the future | The Verge

Read How the design firm behind the Xbox built the bike of the future by David Pierce (The Verge)
"We wanted you to be able to take the bike and go with how the city moves." Teague was enlisted to design a new kind of bike by Oregon Manifest, a non-profit dedicated to making the world think differently about bikes. Its Bike Design Project gave firms in five cities the opportunity to build a bike made with their city in mind; the public then voted on the winner, which will enter a limited production run from Fuji Bikes. The New York City bike had a USB phone charger built in; The Evo, from San Francisco, was all about modular storage. Chicago's Blackline bike was a rugged pothole-conquerer of a bike, and Portland's PDX came with an app to personalize the ride just for you. For every different city, a different bike. But the voters picked Seattle. They picked Denny, the bike Jackson and the team at Teague designed with Sizemore Bicycles, a custom-bike maker in the city.

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