My goal is to help you get the information you want from this site in the simplest and easiest manner possible. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email to assist you in consuming my content in any form with which you feel most comfortable. One can use one or more (or even all!) of the following services.


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If you use RSS and want to know how to subscribe to a specific feed type or particular category/tag type (example: you only want posts about mathematics, but not the photos of food), please contact me and let me know. In some cases, the templates for the feed links of some of the most commonly requested feeds below will serve as a guide to allow you to “build” a custom RSS feed of your choosing.

The following links provide the RSS feeds for each of the individual types of content. Choose the ones in which you’re interested.



If you’re interested in subscribing to multiple kinds of posts in one feed, follow the example of the Food Diary feed which concatenates the eat and drink feeds by stringing their kind names together with commas.

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I’m using some experimental technology to make my website appear as an instance in the Fediverse, so if you’d like to follow me on services like Mastodon, you can search for and follow me at from your client. The programming behind this mirroring is slowly improving so that posts here look increasingly more native within those Fediverse related clients.

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