Somewhere between the granularity of following my daily updates and my about page here’s a quick outline of things I’ve been doing within the past month or reasonably plan to do in the coming weeks.

What am I focused on Now?

  • Searching for something interesting as my next major undertaking
  • Working on an article about Webmention
  • Thinking and writing a lot about memory
  • Continuing work with Community
    • Planning for IndieWebCamp East 2020 in November 
    • Hosting meetups for the Homebrew Website Club
    • Creating an IndieWeb-friendly fork of the Davis theme for WordPress 

To Do Lists


  • Japanese
    • Japanese (Duolingo)
  • Welsh
  • Anthropology and the Study of Humanity by Scott M. Lacy
  • The Great Tours: England, Scotland and Wales by Patrick N. Allitt
  • Introduction to the New Testament History and Literature (Yale)
  • Behavioral Economics: When Psychology and Economics Collide by Scott Huettel (finished 2020-10-01)



For up-to-the-day updates on what I’m reading, see my reading updates, or, if you prefer, the syndicated copies I send to I now also post online articles I’ve been reading lately too.


  • Podcasts: I’m regularly posting my podcast listens to my faux-cast feed so followers can see exactly which episodes I’m listening to, and when files are available, listen to them directly.
    • With no commute since March, I haven’t been actively listening to many podcasts lately.
  • Streaming & Radio
    • Spotify: The Bridge, various playlists: Art Blakey, Erik Satie, Irish Folk Balads
    • Sirius/XM: Bluegrass Junction


I’ve been maintaining a specific Watch List of most all the television shows, films, and online videos I’ve been watching, so please see that for the most up to date version of what I’m watching right now. The shows listed below are some I have on my to watch list or expect to watch shortly. Most lists are in rough order of how much I like each particular series.

Current subscriptions: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu+ (since March), CBS All Access (Since March, but letting it lapse at the end of the month for disuse), HBO Max (since September), Sling (starting in October 2020)


  • Fuller House (Hulu), only watching this passively with other family members
  • Full House (Hulu), only watching this passively with other family members
  • Sailor Moon (Hulu), only watching this passively with other family members
  • Breaking Bad (Netflix), Season 5
  • West Wing (Netflix), various
  • Vera (Hoopla), Season 1
  • Succession (HBO Max), Season 1 & 2
  • Hinterland (y Gwyll) (Netflix), Season 2
News / Magazine
Sports, Miscellaneous, Variety, and Limited Run
  • Good Eats: The Return
  • British Baking Show, Season from 2019
  • Basketball Championship (Los Angeles vs. Miami)

Episodes in parenthesis indicate the next unwatched episode on my list.


  • Enola Holmes (2020) (Netflix)
  • The Glorias (2020) (Amazon Prime)
  • Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009) (Amazon Prime)
  • Hunger Games (Amazon Prime)
  • Enemy of the State (HBO Max)
  • The Incredibles (Disney+)
  • Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Amazon Prime)


Last updated October 19, 2020.

This page is inspired by Derek Sivers’ /now project.

4 thoughts on “Now”

  1. I need to set something up like this … though, how? I’m following your page structure, but I can’t figure out how you’re doing that.

    1. Katherine, you can’t figure out which part? Most of the page is a handful of various heading levels with unordered lists in simple HTML. If you’re referring to the icons in front of the headings, those are using the Better Font Awesome plugin.

      You can find lots of other examples of Now pages at the Now project. The general idea is pretty basic, but there are obviously lots of ways to get creative with them. Mine may be one of the longer and more comprehensive versions I’ve seen, but I actively track a lot of the relevant data on my website, so it’s pretty easy to compile it into my longer list that I update every couple of weeks. Most of the examples I’ve seen are far shorter and simpler.

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