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This is a great example of web accessibility that is too often overlooked.
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Online event
March 27, 2021 at 01:00PM - March 27, 2021 at 02:30PM

This month, we'll look at how Elementor quickly incorporates Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) to add dynamic content to your WordPress sites. Want more control over what your clients can change in your Elementor build?

During this meetup, we'll learn about a long-time WordPress staple, ACF basic features, and explore how Elementor was used as part of a current project solution.

We welcome your wins, stories, and solutions ACF for WordPress with Elementor.

We'll start the meeting with the latest Elementor news, announcements, and introductions. Time permitting, we'll answer questions or look at what you're working on.

RSVPed Attending Case Study: Using ACF to Customize the Client Experience
Online event
March 27, 2021 at 10:30AM - March 27, 2021 at 12:00PM

During this Meetup, we'll share a case study of a current project site build in a project that leveraged ACF. We'll look at the current site setup and its challenges and an approach to creating a 'lifeboat' WordPress to save a non-WordPress legacy site. We'd also love to hear your ACF stories and best practices.
Read Alternative Tweet Embedding by Stefan Bohacek (
When you embed Tweets on your website, Twitter asks you to include their JavaScript code that adds images, number of likes, and loads their styles. But looking at the size of all the script files (yes, the one script tag loads multiple JavaScript files), does quite a bit more than that, including tracking your website’s users. And it has pretty negative impact on your site’s performance as measured by Google PageSpeed.
Update: This seems to have disappeared and roughly remapped to
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The Most Unique Toolkit for Elementor to Create Powerful Websites and Professional Contents. Get It Now. 30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee.
Alex Vasquez gave this Elementor add-on a positive review tonight at the WordPress Meetup.

It’s also the first time I’ve seen/noticed a .ooo TLD.

Read Understanding .htaccess by Lauren Brumfield (
All Reclaim Hosting servers run Apache Web Server Software. So when an account is provisioned the server creates a directive telling Apache what a user’s domain is and where the files for that domain are located on the server. A single server is able to host multiple sites this way because Apache...
Some great basic information and resources here for understanding and working with .htaccess.
Bookmarked WordPress Theme Components (WP Theme Components)
Theme components are bite sized code snippets that can be reused across multiple themes, but are either too small or don’t make sense to be released as a plugin. Stop cluttering up your functions.php file and start using theme components! Who are theme components for? Th...
This looks interesting and useful. Perhaps a potential solution for adding small tidbits of microformats mark up to one’s theme at a more granular level than the mf2 plugin? I can see use cases for other snippets too like accepting Webmentions automatically, etc.
Read Autonomy Online: A Case For The IndieWeb by Ana RodriguesAna Rodrigues (Smashing Magazine)
There is an alternative to corporate bubbles online — it’s called the IndieWeb. Build your own personal websites, control your online presence, and learn on your own terms. Web 2.0 celebrated the idea of everyone being able to contribute to the web regardless of their technical skill and knowledge. Its major features include self-publishing platforms, social networking websites, “tagging”, “liking”, and bookmarking.
A great overview of the IndieWeb for developers and why one should delve into it deeply. 

Way to go Ana!

Read WP Rig Starter Theme Project Looking for New Maintainers (WordPress Tavern)
A couple of years ago, Morten Rand-Hendriksen launched WP Rig for WordPress. The goal was to bring a modern starter theme and build process to the theme development community. Now, he and the curre…
I couldn’t take this sort of project over, but it looks like something interesting to look into.