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Over the past several years I’ve written a broad number of pieces about the IndieWeb. I find that many people are now actively searching for, reading, and implementing various versions of what I’ve done, particularly on the WordPress Platform.

Because of some discussions at IndieWebCamp Baltimore, work I’m doing on my related book, interactions with Aaron Davis and Khürt Williams, and even Michael Bishop’s forthcoming IndieWeb WordPress platform/resource, I’ve decided that it’s time to conglomerate a handful of these articles into a single page or collection to make finding and reading them in some sort of order a bit easier.

In many cases, people searching relevant pages on the IndieWeb wiki will hopefully find many of these articles and pieces also linked there or with short snippets of documentation as well. For those implementing things on their own websites, I heartily recommend the wiki as a first resource to see how others have done things and for examples of user interface and interaction.

Caveat emptor: Just because I’ve done something in a particular way is a poor excuse to replicate it, and even then I’m always iterating, so your mileage may vary. If you have questions, feel free to ask me or others in the IndieWeb chat.

Introductory Articles


An IndieWeb Podcast

Beginning in early 2018, David Shanske and I began recording episodes of a podcast focusing on various IndieWeb concepts. The series can be found here.

Plugin specific articles

Occasional WordPress Plugin Suite articles

Replies with introductory content

Particular Post Kinds and Pages



Marginalia, notes, highlights, fragmentions

Blogroll Experiments

Silo related

Twitter related

Other silos

Miscellaneous experiments / Posts with Resources



Pen and paper publishing to your website? PaperWebsite is on to something. (11/23/21)

Handwriting my Website with a Digital Amanuensis (12/20/21)

Other Miscellaneous

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  1. Liked A user considers by Jeremy Cherfas (

    There’s a strain of thought going around that the IndieWeb is deliberately exclusionary. I don’t know why, and I’ve tried to counter that kind of message when I see it, but it is only the deliberately part that I feel I can counter. With a couple of little exceptions, I see no evidence that barriers are being erected intentionally. I just see that the people who create the building blocks sometimes forget to put themselves in a less-knowledgeable user’s shoes. Once that has been pointed out, as Eli did, they’re quick to fix things.

    Jeremy, when I first started using the IndieWeb plugins, I was initially frustrated and despite a technical background, felt at a loss in understanding what was going on. Several posts by Chris Aldrich helped get me past the frustrating stage but I admit that right now, all of this is very much a work in progress. It’s not ready for the general public.


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