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👓 IndieWebCamp Oxford | Dan Q

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This weekend, I attended part of Oxford’s first ever IndieWebCamp! As a long (long, long) time proponent of IndieWeb philosophy (since long before anybody said “IndieWeb”, at least) I’ve got my personal web presence pretty-well sorted out. Still, I loved the idea of attending and pushing some of my own tools even further: after all, a personal website isn’t “finished” until its owner says it is! One of the things I ended up hacking on was pretty-predictable: enhancements to my recently-open-sourced geocaching PESOS tools… but the other’s worth sharing too, I think.
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👓 2018 Oxford Indie Web Camp – Blog Post | Beverley Newing

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The Indie Web movement is a movement all about content ownership, in the current times of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on. It has been something I’ve been interested in ever since hearing Jeremy Keith talk about it at a conference last year. So I was super excited to hear that the wonderful Garrett was organising an Indie Web Camp in Oxford! Here’s a summary of what I did over the two days:
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👓 IndieWeb is seriously cool | Henry Blyth

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This weekend, the lovely and amazing Garrett put together an IndieWeb camp for two days, for free, in Oxford! After hearing about it through Garrett a few months back, just before an amazing talk at Oxford Geek Nights by Jeremy Keith, I thought: This is cool, but… how… how does it??? How does it...
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👓 My first experience with IndieWeb | Christopher Tomilson

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Wanted to write down something like “Hello World”. Does it count for IndieWeb? Anyway, this is the first post i’m sharing using this technology. Hope everything goes well. Also on:
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👓 Image of how I feel about this class | Katlyn Foster

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I saw this and instantly connected to it. I think its really comical. The first week or so of this course I have felt old/out of touch and behind trying to navigate all these sites, and meet expectations. Now that I have a better sense of things I just have all ...
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