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I very much enjoyed reading What Happened to Tagging, by Alexandra Samuel, so thanks to Aaron Davis for the link . I do think, however, that she is being entirely too negative about the state of play today. Aaron singled out one wistful quote, about the web we could have. I noted that the author cou...

I’m so grateful for those who provide tags and categories on their sites.

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First day of my IndieWeb Challenge for December and it's going to be about Lwa. I think this whole week might be! I've released a "stable" candidate that lets you know what your site needs to work with it. Be sure to try it out and let me know what you think! I've also added a page to let you previe...
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When people are getting started in the indieweb, we commonly point them to IndieWebify.Me to validate some of the building blocks on their site. One of those building blocks is the h-card microformat which is used to markup information about yourself: your URL, name, photo, bio, and more. Earlier th...
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For IndieWebCamp Berlin 2 2019, I built this proof of concept feature in the WordPress Admin. It does actually work, but the functionality that enables the posting needs a lot more backend work before it will work properly. Problem is that the WordPress post endpoint does not allow you to set a t...

I can’t wait to see this in action!

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I generally agree with the sentiment of this statement as I know the replacement will be dramatically different. It’s worth putting some time and effort into renaming and rebranding this thing that is coming. What shall we call it?

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This UI “feature” always drives me bonkers too!

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Come see me play and place your bet whether I'll make it or not :) wo years after I announced my piano challenge - to be fair, I really only took it serious this year - le moment suprême has arrived: I'll be performing the Moonlight Sonata the 8th of December on a concert in the church of Zevergem. I'm not alone that afternoon: together with 2 choirs and the harmony orchestra of De Pinte, we'll be playing to raise money for Studio Brussel's De Warmste Week. You will also be able to place bets whether I'm actually going to finish the third movement or not, so there's some extra pressure on my shoulders ...

Congratulations on the achievement and good luck on the performance!

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AKA the answer to all those people who ask "why isn't there an International Men's Day?" on International Women's Day. Guess what: there is, and it's today. In the list of identities I carry, being a man isn't something I think about most of the time. Which, of course, is part of the hidden privileg...

I’m reminded of children on Mother’s Day who ask, “When is children’s day?” The answer, naturally, literally every other day of the year.

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I've been blogging - albeit not consistently on the same site - since 1998. That's a long time in internet years, and in human years, and over time I've conditioned out any self-editing impulse I might have. I write, hit publish, and share. Done. Because I'm fairly prolific, friends and colleagues o...

Amen Ben!