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I imagine that she’s purchased more than her fair share of books, but knowing some of her background, she’s “cheating” a tad since her job is reading/reviewing books which means the majority of her collection was sent to her for free. Of course she also has the added bonus that she’s probably actually read the larger portion of her library in comparison to most.
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In the end, I'm really glad the IndieWeb is out there as a kind of light in the darkness of what can otherwise seem like a more or less completely corporate daily web experience. It's weird in a good way. It's not corporate at all. It's rough around the edges and not tuned for maximum engagement. There are interesting people.. I've already connected with a few who are doing all kinds of creative things.

I feel like I've found a cozy little corner where people are following their passion, connecting with each other, and building creative things together. Long live the IndieWeb!

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Lovely morning for just sitting quietly in the sun waiting for the birds. And what a difference a bit of sun makes, because these were shot at 1/2000, which certainly helps. Blue tit with a bug in its mouth just before entering its nest Blue tit in flight after leaving its nest in a hollow terracott...
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This is also true of IndieWeb, but the cost right now is one’s time more than it is financial cost. 
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I would like to add webmention to my blog. And I am testing it out now! Why you should own your content? Because we have full control of our appearance and interaction with people on the internet: No more losing content due to closing of websites No more privacy issues, no more hidden tracking Cause...
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I’ve been working on the Post Kinds plugin for several years now. It allows the enhancement of WordPress posts into the Indieweb types of posts. But in the current environment, the question I keep getting asked is: When will it support Gutenberg, the WordPress block editor? This is something of a ...
I’m thinking about this. Will try some diagrams first…
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It is 160 days since I first noted that I would like to make use of Bise, Jason McIntosh's blog-readership reporter, 118 since I automated downloading the access logs. With half an eye on the project day at IndieWebCamp Austin, time to make good on my promise. Bise expects its log files to be named ...