🎧 This Week in Google 442 Queen of the Mole Rats | TWiG

This Week in Google 442 Queen of the Mole Rats by Leo Laporte, Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham from TWiT.tv
Amazon to launch its own internal healthcare service. Alphabet's Verily researches naked mole rats to extend human life. Facebook and Google promote local news. Google Clips on sale for some. Facebook Messenger Kids draws ire. Why you shouldn't buy Twitter followers. Bill Gate's new favorite book. The Boring Flamethrower. Stacey's Thing: Texting with Alexa; Jeff's Number: Google I/O May 8, Facebook F8 May 1-2

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🎧 This Week in Google: #432 Life of Pai | TWiT.TV

This Week in Google: #432 Life of Pai from TWiT.TV
Pixel Buds are "like spiders clawing in your ears." Net Neutrality will die on December 14th, no matter what you do to protest. DOJ blocks AT&T/Time Warner merger. Peter Thiel sells most of his Facebook stock, splits with Y Combinator, might buy Gawker.com assets. Google tracks Android locations. Tesla's big new truck. Stacey's Thing: CleverPet Jeff's Number: 9 Ways Twitter can punish miscreants, but usually doesn't. Leo's Tool: Radio3.io

This episode has a great discussion of net neutrality. (28m52s to roughly 1h06m00s) While it does cut a few corners for this particular audience, it has some useful and interesting history surrounding the topic. The three participants are all well versed in the issue and give it some excellent coverage.

There is also an interesting section talking about Facebook and discrimination. While they talk about dark ads and the targeting Russia did during the 2016 election as well as racist targeting, they don’t take into account data that is often used as a proxy for race. While many may be looking at the proximal problem, they’re missing the longer term problems that will ultimately surface at a later date. If not designed properly, the data is highly likely to be misused in the future, just in more subtle and harder to detect ways.

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🎧 This Week in Google: #431 Mordor, She Wrote | TWiT.TV

This Week in Google: #431 Mordor, She Wrote from TWiT.TV
Pixel Buds are getting bad reviews. Blasting Facebook and Google. Amazon pays $250 Million for Lord of the Rings TV rights. Alibaba's $25 billion Singles' Day. Self-driving trucks and flying cars. Hacking the Boeing 757. Xerox Alto turns 40.

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🎧 This Week in Google: #429 Quesoff | TWiT.TV

This Week in Google: #429 Quesoff from twit.tv
Google, Facebook, and Twitter testify before Congress about Russian interference, bad ideas on how to 'fix' Facebook, Google's CEO promises to fix the hamburger emoji, Google locks users out of Docs, California wildfires burned irreplaceable documents of Silicon Valley history, and a heated argument about how Queso should be.

Dark Stock Photos is an awesome and interesting Twitter feed. Macabre-ly cool.

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🎧 This Week in Google: #416 Mr. Nutter Butter Has a Message for You | TWiT.TV

This Week in Google: #416 Mr. Nutter Butter Has a Message for You from TWIT.tv
US Digital Service - making government better. Alphabet Q2 earnings up, stocks down. Chrome's ad blocker is available to devs. Not everybody likes Google's plan to track offline sales. Is privacy a fad? Facebook hits 2 billion users. Bitcoin splits, and miners revolt. ACLU supports John Oliver. Millennials confused by discovery of broadcast TV. Jeff's Number: $600/head SV restaurant with gold-flecked steaks Matt Cutt's Thing: Hack the Pentagon! Kevin Marks' Stuff: IndieWeb.org, Liberty Foundation, extra thumb prosthetic

Awesome to see/hear Matt Cutts return to the show.

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🎧 This Week in Google: #415 Sinkhole Ahead! | TWiT.TV

This Week in Google: #415 Sinkhole Ahead! from TWIT.tv
No more "OK Google" search on Chromebooks? Facebook profit spikes 71%, laws of Australia trump laws of mathematics? Waze is now on Android Auto, and more.

Interesting that all the growth in mobile ads has recently gone to Facebook and Google. I’m surprised that no one else is eating up even a small piece of the pie.

I also loved the story about the Australian prime minister, in a post-fact world, indicating that the laws of mathematics don’t take precedence over those of Australia.

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🎧 This Week in Google: #414 Never a Freshman | TWiT.TV

This Week in Google: #414 Never a Freshman from TWIT.tv
Musical Podcasts. Google Glass for Enterprise. New Google Feed. Better Google Analytics. Facebook News Subscription. Amazon Meal Kits, Spark, Treasure Truck, and Outfit Compare. Samsung Bixby arrives in the US. Net Neutrality Day results.

Musical podcasts sound like an interesting proposition, but are likely better as a larger production stream. I’m curious what the budget was for the piece and how they’re monetizing it?

I’ve been wondering about Bixby on my Samsung 8, but somehow I’ve never really bothered to use it. It doesn’t seem as interesting or as easy to use as my Amazon Alexa. Perhaps it’s time to dig into it a bit? I have been enjoying some minor Alexa use on my phone recently. I’m curious how they compare now.

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🎧 This Week in Google: #413 You Never Know What’s Not Going to Happen | TWIT.TV

This Week in Google: #413 You Never Know What's Not Going to Happen from TWIT.tv
Today is the Net Neutrality Day of Action. Go to BattleForTheNet.com and write your congressperson. Also, The Pixel XL 2 may feature a squeezable frame. Allo is coming to the desktop in "a few weeks." Android 7.1 has "Panic Detection" mode. Facebook will sell ads in Messenger. Amazon Prime Day sales up 60% over last year's record-setting haul - with Echo Dot as the top-selling item. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may explode onto the scene on August 23rd. Make Nokia great again. China teleports matter to space. Jeff's Numbers: Google spends $800,000 on newsbots that write 30,000 articles a month in the UK. Google doesn't owe France 1.1bn euros in back taxes. Danny's Stuff: Silk Vault Slim Wallet Case, The Big Sick Stacey's Thing: Fibaro HomeKit Sensors

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🎧 This Week in Google: #411 Dinah Won’t You Blow | TWiT.TV

This Week in Google: #411 Dinah Won't You Blow from TWIT.tv
EU fines Google €2.42 billion, Canada demands global de-listing. Google News' redesign causes Jeff concern. YouTube Party. Amazon Show unboxing. Facebook hits 2 billion users. Petya ransomware may be retaliation for Russian cyberwarfare on Ukraine. Jeff's report from Vidcon.

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🎧 This Week in Google: #410 Addicted to Convenience | TWIT.TV

This Week in Google: #410 Addicted to Convenience from TWIT.tv
Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods and how it could change grocery stores. The transition from an economy of goods to one of experiences. Uber and Lyft get their way in Texas after refusing to comply with an ordinance requiring fingerprint background checks for drivers. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick resigns and whether or not the corporate culture of Uber was necessary for its success. Stacey's Thing: Radical Technologies - The Design of Every Day Life by Adam Greenfield Mike's Number: 18, the number of Girl Scout badges introduced for cybersecurity education Leo's Tool: Search for "Spinner" on Google

I enjoyed the discussion of the purchase of Whole Foods by Amazon. I had described a big chunk of the value there as Amazon buying up a lot of the only warehouse space available in housing zoned areas while they described it as solving the last mile problem in local delivery. This is essentially the same thing, though they didn’t mention Amazon’s experiments with delivery via drones which could easily become a reality with not only warehouse space, but landing pads and bases in every big neighborhood with a Whole Foods located within them.

It was cool to hear the news about Girl Scouts adding lots of cybersecurity badges to their list.

🎧 This Week in Google: #409 Practical Telepathy | TWIT.TV

This Week in Google: #409 Practical Telepathy from TWIT.TV
Leo, Jeff, and Stacey are all off this week, so Jason Howell, Ron Richards, and Kevin Marks are in charge. The Essential phone will be a Sprint exclusive, but that doesn't mean you can't buy one and use it with whatever service you want. Google's successor to the Pixel XL may be getting even bigger, and might get made by LG this time around. The current Pixel XL will self-destruct on October of 2018. Google's cute little self-driving cars are self-driving off into the sunset. Google Drive wants to back up your whole computer. Softbank is buying Boston Dynamics. Google's Project Sunroof lets you know which neighbors have solar power. Facebook expands safety check in a possibly stressful way. Kevin's Pick: IndieWeb and IndieWeb Summit Ron's Pick: Astro Jason's Pick: pix2pix fotogenerator

The conversation about how Facebook is doing their safety check is intriguing. How should they be doing it better to inform people who might be concerned, but without creating undue stress to others who generally aren’t involved or nearby? This is particularly interesting to me as I’m often near to frequent forest fires in Los Angeles, not to mention the future potential of major earthquake events.

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🎧 This Week in Google: #408 Being Internet Awesome | TWIT.TV

This Week in Google: #408 Being Internet Awesome from TWIT.tv
Google will add a feature to Chrome that will block "bad ads." Meanwhile, Funding Choices will let you pay sites for an ad-free experience. Google helps kids "Be Internet Awesome." Amazon announces a way to get Prime on the cheap, and an inexpensive "Ice" phone. HomePod vs Google Home vs Amazon Echo.... FIGHT! Jason's Pick: Kotlin for Beginners (Udacity) Stacey's Thing: Snooz Danny's Stuff: Personal Search Tab

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🎧 This Week in Google: #407 Grepping Mary Meeker | TWIT.TV

This Week in Google: #407 Grepping Mary Meeker from TWIT.tv
Government's role in online privacy. Mary Meeker's 2017 Internet trends report. Android creator Andy Rubin's new Essential phone. The true meaning of "covfefe." Does Netflix care about Net Neutrality? Chipotle hacked. Google's expensive gender pay gap.

Chipotle just can’t catch a break anymore.

I remember there used to be days when Meeker’s report would consume an entire episode of shows like this, and now it seems like it barely gets a passing message because it’s become so dense.

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🎧 This Week in Google: #406 Call Me Mr. Pruneface | TWIT.TV

This Week in Google: #406 Call Me Mr. Pruneface | TWIT.TV from TWIT.tv
Google releases the Jamboard, their smart whiteboard. How Google's ATAP has changed. Google can now track your offline credit card purchases. Why is it so hard to get Android apps on Chromebooks? What is Fuschia? Android Automotive will take over your car's dashboard. Java creator James Gosling is going to AWS. 1Password introduces Travel Mode to protect you at the border. Chaos Computer Club demonstrates how to hack Samsung's Iris Detection with just a camera and a contact lens. The FCC really wants to kill net neutrality, and they will beat you up if you ask them polite questions. Ford's new CEO is all about self-driving cars, but Waymo has a huge lead over everyone else. Uber angers customers, drivers, and pretty much the entire city of Pittsburgh. Jeff's Number: Google Street view is 10 years old, and artists love it. Stacey's Thing: WeMo Dimmer Switch Ron Amadeo's Stuff: Elegato Stream Deck

Net neutrality again? Why can’t the FCC just give up on trying to kill it?

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🎧 This Week in Google: #405 Google I/O | TWIT.TV

This Week in Google: #405 Google I/O from TWIT.tv
Leo Laporte, Jason Howell, and Jeff Jarvis report live from Google I/O to discuss today's keynote. Stacey Higginbotham joins them from Austin, TX.

Sad that it didn’t sound like anything new and shiny coming immediately out of the presentations. Lots of tech happening, but it’ll be a while before we see direct results.

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