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Listened to This Week in Google 503 Get Off Stacey's Lawn! by  Jeff Jarvis, Stacey Higginbotham, Jason Howell from TWiT.tv

Google Cloud Next, Larry & Sergei MIA

This Week's Stories

  •  Staceysplaining Google Cloud Next
  •  Australia and the UK vs Free Speech on Social Media
  •  Google Drone Tests in Australia
  •  Google Cancels its AI Ethics Board in Record Time
  •  Larry and Sergei: MIA
  •  G Suite and Google Home: Better, but Still Disappointing
  •  More Ads and Suggestions Coming to Google Maps
  •  Embedded Ads Coming to Android TV
  •  Pixel 3a: All the Leaks!
  •  Google Tests Health Wristband
  •  YouTube TV Price Hike
  •  YouTube Choose-Your-Own-Adventure
  •  House Futilely Votes to Save Net Neutrality

Picks of the Week

  •  Stacey's Thing: Verdant Lady Cocktail
  •  Jeff's Number: More Pixel Laptops, Tablets on the Way
  •  Jason's App: AllTrails

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