👓 How you can contribute to WordPress (yes, YOU!) | Jeff Paul

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Me: Do you regularly use WordPress?
You: Yes, I love it, it’s fantastic!
Me: Have you ever thought about helping contribute to WordPress?
You: No, I am not a developer.
Me: Well, good news, you do not have to be!
You: Ok, tell me more…
Whether you have considered it...

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Aloha! My name is Jeffrey Paul. I was born and raised near Baltimore, Maryland and currently reside near Chicago, Illinois. I manage open source product and enjoy helping others grow professionally. Like my father, I’m a documentarian and can regularly be found with my phone in front of my face capturing all the things my kids are up to.
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Can’t I just follow you in a single place? Maybe just your website? (BTW, it’s possible to turn your WordPress site into a Federated/Mastodon-like instance using Activity Streams.

ActivityStream extension

@chrisaldrich@boffosocko.com is a followable thing in the Fediverse and the UI is continually improving.

Here are some instances you should be able to follow: https://the-federation.info/wordpress

My website is closing in on 17,000 posts (this one will make it 16,998), so I was looking at the gargantuan size of my database. When you’ve got this many posts and 17,160 comments, I’m thinking that just my Akismet (anti-spam) meta data is somehow actually larger in size than some people’s  entire blogs. I’ve backed it all up and am going through and cleaning out some unused digital exhaust to give me some room to grow.

Who knew that in owning your own data you could accumulate so much of it?!

I haven’t looked at my settings for it in a while, but apparently I’ve had JetPack’s “Like Buttons” turned on on my website. It seems rare that WordPress users are ever using that functionality and as a member of the IndieWeb, I’m accepting likes via Webmention anyway. As a result I’m choosing to drop the old “like” functionality. 

🎧 Tom Woodward | Gettin’ Air with Terry Green | voicEd

Listened to Tom Woodward | Gettin' Air with Terry Green from voiced.ca
Tom Woodward (@twoodwar) is Associate Director of Innovation in the @VCUALTLab. We chat about the awesome things that can happen when great educational technologists like Tom get to work with great educators. A few of those things are anth101.com, photographyismagic.com, and oh the 34,200 blogs at rampages.us!

I feel robbed that Terry Greene only published the first half an hour of what would assuredly been an epic 10 hour discussion. Suppose I’ll just have to be content with reading Tom Woodward’s blog cover to cover and scouring the web for video that features him.

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🔖 Integromat – The glue of the internet

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Integromat is an easy to use, powerful tool with unique features for automating manual processes. Connect your favorite apps, services and devices with each other without having any programming skills.
Checked into Beyond WordPress – easy WP automation and integration with no coding

Sessions after lunch starting a few minutes late.

Sabrina Liao is looking primarily looking at Zapier, Integromat, IFTTT, automate.io.

I use a huge number of automated pieces like these, particularly IFTTT, for driving my own personal online commonplace book.

🔖 Speakers: Round Two | WordCamp Riverside 2019

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This group will join our other speakers for 3 days of sessions on November 8th – 10th. We hope you’ll join us for their sessions. View the Full Schedule Here & Get your ticket today!

👓 Using the WordPress mShots Screenshot API | Terence Eden

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A few years ago, I wrote about Google's secret screenshot API - a slightly cumbersome way to take website screenshots for free. There's another service which you may find simpler to use - mShots from WordPress. Here's how it works:Take any website link:https://twitter.com/JennyVass/status/1067855777...