Read Longtime WME Agent George Freeman Let Go Over Objectionable E-Mail He Accidentally Sent To Colleagues by Mike Fleming (Deadline)
EXCLUSIVE: Veteran WME agent George Freeman has been let go by the agency today because of an e-mail he meant to send to an individual but mistakenly dispersed to a large number of colleagues. The …
Watched The Reason Paul Schneider Left Parks And Rec After Season 2 from YouTube

The Reason Paul Schneider Left Parks And Rec After Season 2
We all remember Parks and Recreation season 2: Leslie was trying to fix the pit. Andy and April began their triumphant weirdo love story. Chris Traeger and Ben Wyatt joined the merry band of civil servants. But do you remember Mark Brendanawicz?

Paul Schneider played Mark, the Pawnee, Indiana city planner who was a relatively central character on Parks and Recreation's first season and who had a scrapped romance subplot with Amy Poehler's Leslie Knope. In the second season, Mark's purpose began to flounder despite a second, and ultimately crumbled, romance with Rashida Jones' Ann Perkins. During the Parks and Rec season 2 finale, Mark announced he was leaving city government for a job with a private-sector construction company...

...which earned him a new nickname from Leslie, "Mark Brendanaquits”, and he was never heard from again. Chris and Ben's entrance into Parks and Recreation as guest characters on season 2 proved to be the perfect gift in disguise to slip Mark's departure past everyone with few questions asked.

Looking back, there are some mysteries left unsolved. Why have Mark leave at all, and why did Paul Schneider exit Parks and Recreation and never return?

In short, Paul Schneider left Parks and Recreation because he felt sidelined. Several years after the fact, the actor opened up about his Parks departure in an interview with Screen Crush, revealing that he felt he'd been at a creative crossroads with the series' writers after Mark's character was altered from the first season. The early episodes of Parks and Rec are rougher and feature more tension and disdain between the characters, just like its predecessor, The Office. Mark Brendanawicz's character is a relic of that previous style, and he was reportedly an even less likable character in earlier versions of Parks and Recreation. A shift in emotional perspective came about as the series continued on, and while it worked out well for many principal characters, it didn't for Mark. Keep watching the video to see the reason Paul Schneider left Parks and Rec after season 2.

I vaguely remember him from the beginning, but mostly I remember Leslie continually badmouthing Mark Brendanawicz in later seasons. It seemed relatively obvious to me that he would leave given his minimal interaction on the show from the beginning of the series to the end of the first season. These sorts of situations are never fun for the agents/managers, particularly if the writing staff and producers aren’t sure what they’re doing or where the show is going.
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Took a minute, but I realized it’s because I know Pedro with multiple different names. Good to see he’s doing so well.
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👓 Days of Our Lives cast let go from contracts, as the show struggles with ratings | CNBC

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The entire cast has been released from their contracts, although the show has not bee canceled yet, according to an exclusive by TVLine.

👓 Trump Lives by Ratings. He Won’t Like This One. | New York Times

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The E-Score measures awareness and appeal of individuals in the public eye. President Trump was most often described as “aggressive” and “mean,” according to his scores from December.

👓 Open Your Mouth Very Wide | Peter Rukavina

Read Open Your Mouth Very Wide by Peter RukavinaPeter Rukavina (

I read somewhere—perhaps it was “5 Tips to Instantly Up Your Instagram Game” or some such—that, when taking photos of people, you should ask them to open their mouths as wide as possible.

Interestingly, it works. It seems weird, both to them and to you, but the photos that result often have much more life in them than they would otherwise.

I received similar instructions many years ago from a CBC Radio producer: I was going into the studio to record a commentary, and she advised me to make my points so emphatically as to appear (to myself) to be raving. It was very hard to do this, and it made me very uncomfortable, but I had to agree that the result was better.

An interesting piece of photography advice… I like the caricature advice for audio as well. It was something that obviously worked for people like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly.

👓 CAA and UTA Settle ‘Lawless, Midnight Raid’ Lawsuit | The Wrap

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United Talent Agency and Creative Artists Agency have reached a settlement in their nearly four-year lawsuit over five agents CAA had accused UTA of poaching. Details of the settlement have not been made public, but in a statement provided to TheWrap, UTA’s attorney, Bryan Freedman, said: “The m...

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Dana Brunetti and producing partner Keegan Rosenberger’s Cavalry Media has tapped veteran CAA agent Matt DelPiano to lead the company’s newly launched division Cavalry Management. Cavalry Media, the finance and production outfit that was established in June 2018, announced on Wednesday that it w...

👓 Matt DelPiano Exits CAA After 26 Years To Launch Management Division As Partner With Dana Brunetti And Cavalry Media | Deadline

Read Matt DelPiano Exits CAA After 26 Years To Launch Management Division As Partner With Dana Brunetti And Cavalry Media by Anita BuschAnita Busch (Deadline Hollywood)
EXCLUSIVE: Talk about a shocker, and also a great get for Dana Brunetti, Keegan Rosenberger and their Cavalry Media. Matt DelPiano, who has been a top agent at CAA and a 26-year veteran of the talent agency, is becoming a partner at Cavalry Media and launching a full-service management company, Cavalry Management.

👓 Notes from the Rep Biz – 2-15-2019 |

Read Notes from the Rep Biz - 2-15-2019 (


Agent Matt DelPiano has left the agency after 26 years to launch a full service management company, Calvary Management. All of his clients are expected to stay with him as he transitions.


The agency has settled its long-running dispute with CAA over alleged agent-poaching that occurred back in 2015. The case stemmed from UTA's shocking hires of five senior agents that decimated CAA's comedy department.

At ICM Partners:

The agency has dropped Celine Dion and initiated legal proceedings against her for an alleged failure to pay commission. It's an unfortunate end for the singer at the agency, who had been representing her for three decades.


Longtime agency Stone Manners Salners has renamed itself Artists & Representatives. This comes following the retirement of partner Tim Stone and the elevation of agents Ben Sands and Adrian Pellereau.

👓 ‘Empire’ Star Jussie Smollett Signs With CAA | Hollywood Reporter

Read 'Empire' Star Jussie Smollett Signs With CAA (The Hollywood Reporter)
The singing and acting breakout was previously without an agency.
Presumably they still represent him. Makes me wonder what they’ll do as his story continues to unfold.

👓 Police sources: New evidence suggests Jussie Smollett orchestrated attack | CNN

Read Police sources: New evidence suggests Jussie Smollett orchestrated attack (CNN)
Two law enforcement sources with knowledge of the investigation tell CNN that Chicago Police believe the actor Jussie Smollett paid two men to orchestrate an assault on him that he reported late last month.
This doesn’t sound like it’s going to end well….

I suspect that if this turns out like it seems to be turning lately and the entire motive was greed based, it will turn out that he’ll have somehow found out that others at his level on the show are making a lot more than he comparatively. This might then make sense within only the Hollywood community, but it’s definitively not going to play well in middle America where his likely $60K per episode (or ~$1.3M/year) is going to seem out sized for a relatively new star. Even worse, isn’t the show just about to it’s 4th year and over 100 episodes at which point everyone renegotiates their contracts to get 2-5x their prior salaries if they’ve got even half-decent agents?