Some shots of the Bobcat Fire while away from the house
Soot-covered air filter
I swapped it out in July and it should still have had a few weeks/months left in it, but the fires apparently have caked it up. Based on previous changes of filters in the house every 3 months, this looks like about 2 years or more of dust build up. Changed it because the filter seemed to be whistling in the ducting.
Bobcat Fire update
I’m just South and slightly West of the Wilson Observatory which is at the top of the mountain just above our house. Fortunately we’re not in any of the preliminary evacuation zones which are all immediately South of the fire. We won’t really need to worry heavily unless it gets closer to the observatory.

View from the Mount Wilson Observatory East towards the burning flames of the Bobcat Fire
View from the Mount Wilson Observatory facing east toward the fire at 9:00 PM on September 7th.
Topological map of the Bobcat fire in the Angeles National Forest
The Bobcat fire coverage as of about 11:30 AM this morning. (Courtesy of the Angeles National Forest)